When explaining the plot of this movie to someone in person, I feel as if one would not be able to capture its actual essence. If someone would ask me what It Follows was about, I would literally say “it is about a monster that haunts you after you have sex with someone. It isn’t supernatural looking. It’s an actual human being that just creepily walks after you and just follows you everywhere you go.” If someone were to hear that plot, I do not think that it would spark enough interest for someone to actually make an effort to watch it.

David Robert Mitchell’s It Follows (2014) has to be on my list of favorite horror films. It is my favorite in the sense that it was so simple yet so good. What makes this film a good horror film is how the elements of the film put together are put together in such a way that a very simple plot is able to be such an effectively scary horror film. As I mentioned earlier, the plot is not very difficult to comprehend. There is nothing very supernatural about the movie aside from the fact that the monster is able to take the form of people that you know. Yes it was a slow paced movie but it was in being slow paced that I was really able to appreciate the suspense. The scoring and the sound effects of this movie played well together with the plot and was successfully able to elicit fear simply from the music that was being played.

What I found impressive was the fact that the movie did not need an actual monster to send chills down my spine. The fact that actual humans were just simply walking eerily and creepily towards the characters for some reason was able to instill a good amount of fear in my system.

The film was set up very well. While I mentioned that it may have been dragging and slow at some points of the film, you can see how it was built up that way in order to send the message of the film.

This movie proved to be effective because after watching it, I was paranoid about everyone walking towards me for a certain period of time. After watching the movie, it came to my realization that this movie was a very creative take on the phenomenon of AIDS. Aside from it explicitly being a monster transmitted sexually, to me it was able to show how AIDS can be in anyone. It takes no shape or form whatsoever. Just like the people who were looming over the victims, aids is a perpetual disease just looming over you waiting to attack you.

I myself have seen many horror movies, but to be honest, there are only a few movies that have genuinely creeped me out to the bones. It Follows is definitely one of them. I commend the director of this film for being able to build up the film so well in such a way that I stayed creeped out throughout the duration of the film and even after. What was so great about this film is that it really showed me that horror does not need monsters or flat out supernatural occurrences to scare you. Through this movie I learned that a simple plot can most definitely go a long way.


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