when all else fails…. chainsaw

“Wow, Sir!” was the very first reaction I had after watching Evil Dead. For good reason of course, this movie scared the life out of me and made me shake right down to my bones. It felt like one of those movies where nothing goes the way that the characters want it too in anyway possible. There is just one problem after the other, one crazy monster after another. As I try to recall what happened in the movie I can’t help but feel like I missed a lot of parts due to the fact that my hand covered my face for a good chunk of the movie and my fingers were glued to my ears to prevent any monsters from getting me as well.

Anyway, the movie starts out with a girl (Mia) who needs help kicking the old pill problem so she seeks out help from her friends for a get away that will distract her from her current problems. Accompanying her on this journey are her brother David, his girlfriend Natalie, and their friends Eric and Olivia. As they are settling down and getting their bearings around the house, Eric discovers a book that has to do with the dead and he reads from it thus opening the hell in which they all our doomed in. As Eric reads the book we feel a spirit of some sort racing through the village getting closer with every word from Eric’s mouth. When he is done the spirit eventually hits Mia and latches on to her. First, it created a evil doppleganger version of her and then it went inside her legs and into her body. Her friends think that she is just suffering withdrawal symptoms as she complains about things that they are not noticing. They think she is intentionally trying to harm herself and they get fed up with it.They give her a sedative to try and calm her down but nothing seems to be working. At one point olivia says with a voice from hell “ you are all going to die tonight.” Then olivia tries to help her then they get into a fight leading to Mia’s eyes turning yellow and her vomiting blood all over Olivia, foring Olivia to kick her into the cellar and lock her in there. When she goes to clean herself in the bathroom she freezes, then wets herself. As Eric walks into the bathroom he sees her cutting herself and panicking when he tries to help her she tries to kill him thus leading to her eventual death and the rest of the friends walking in on it. One by one the demon posses all of his friends as they all end up killing each other. Then Eric and David read about a cure that they should kill the person affected and bury them underground thus removing the demon inside. Which, is what they do to Mia. After they are able to save her David (who by the way was the only one stable and normal this whole time) risks his life and blows up the house with all his friends. The movie isn’t over yet. Out of nowhere a hand comes from the ground to grab Mia’s leg and she has to figure out how to kill this demon. After she kills the demon, all while losing her arm in the process. It begins to rain blood and that is where the movie ends. Everyone gone except the girl who was possessed from the very start.

This movie troubled me. I guess that is what makes it a really good and scary horror film. For me though, it was a bit over the top. Yes, it did scare me to the point where I felt like leaving the classroom to go hide in the bathroom. The movie was never ending, like I could not believe that people could go through so much and still not die. Then again, it is a movie so that is most probably why they didn’t die. Haha. Nonetheless, as I was watching the movie there were so many parts where I thought it was definietly over. But no, the monster kept on coming even after being killed several times. Then, several times again. If I was in that movie I feel like I would’ve reached a point and surrendered to the demon to just die and be done with the torment. What made the movie scary for me was the effects and sounds that they played in the scenes that were building up to something scary. Because, even if you expect it, it still scares the living hell out of you. Then randomly, they’ll throw in scary scenes without anticipation meant to try and kill you via heart attack. In conclusion, this movie I think was the scariest one we watched all semester. The gory scenes, mixed with messed up luck and terrifying monster led to me having some sleepless nights and vowing never to wath that movie again. Actually, if we didn’t watch that movie it would probably be what I would recommend for my paper.


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