Yes, Horror

In Noel Carroll’s text, he mentions that for our culture, horror films are more often than not in the form of the narrative, which is part of the appeal to this type of genre. Adding that the disclosure of the monster or villain is never enough because as the audience, you tend to want to crave more knowledge about what else could happen next – especially in the moments of spiralling downhill. This is something I feel was apparent in the Ti West’s 2011 movie, “The Innkeepers”. There was definitely a hook in wanting to discover what was going to happen next, especially with the beginning having a bit of comic relief for a movie under the horror film genre. “The horror is driven explicitly by curiosity”, in which he states is something that is true, and after watching this movie I’m reminded as to why find great interest in the horror genre – even those that I don’t exactly favour whilst find a tad bid corny at that. 

Honestly so far, I personally find this option for the horror film course selection one that I didn’t really find super enjoyable to watch. Though I can understand the connection of the way that it is filmed to the the text lesson of Carroll. You question the script and the series of events, as it brings about rushed emotions and comments as you go along with the storyline presented to you. When it came to the obvious fascination of the supernatural, and there was a curiosity brought about which led them to proceed to the basement despite warnings, I guess you can say as the audience that it’s stupid and that you would never do such a things.
Seeing though these characters seemingly foolish in pursuing the knowledge of what’s going on gives that certain pleasure as the audience is gaining that same information with them as well. The same thrill as probably reading a book and wanting to know more. I found it though quite slow, especially before it reached the peak of the story, and I felt somewhat impatient to want to see more action in the series of events. I guess though it was a way for the auteur to really give a feel of who the characters were exactly, which I do find important especially when you’re trying to understand why in the latter parts of the film they decide to do things that feel so wrong for them to do – especially for their safety’s sake.

Carroll’s twofold theory on the universal and the general got me thinking. The former being the appeal and attraction towards all things under the horror genre without the connection to narratives whatsoever. While on the other hand the latter being the uncovering of information that feeds on the “curiosity and fascination” of this said genre. These are both, when combined, actual qualities of the horror that pull me into wanting to watch more films and discover things about everything that lies within its context. That’s why when I’m asked “why?” I enjoy these kinds of films, I’m something wondering in confusion as to why these people ask such questions because I’d assume that they would be self-explanatory – the whole thrill of it that is brought about by simple spending minutes glued to a story. I guess though I can understand as well that a lot of people factor in the drastic fear that it can tend to bring about, which I get can be a turn off for certain type of people as well. Regardless, I’m looking forward to the next movies under the selection and I hope that I can encounter one that I can really enjoy fully.


Noel Carroll, “Why Horror?”


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