Follow the hallows

I think about all films we watched this must be the most sudden one. An underrated motion picture, I should say. The film started with a moderate approach making the viewers consider profoundly what the story line will be. The hues reminded me of some Wes Anderson films actually leaving me wondering what kind of “horror” the film is trying to show or will show. The colors gave the film a general quiet vibe and it didn’t specifically give a vibe of it being a horror or a thriller film.

The film It Follows (2014) is a fascinating interpretation of the blood and guts movie sort and its thought on advanced woman’s rights. All through the start of the film, everybody around her constantly underscored Jay’s magnificence and I think this set up the whole feel of the movie when it really revolved around her character.

The “horror” is through a sexual intercourse that could be passed on. The actress Jay showed tranquility throughout the movie as if she was not affected by anything that has happened to her. After realizing that she was in a depraved situation she still tied to continue to live her life. This gave me a hint that she was okay if the curse ended with her, if she died in the end. Her character did not show feelings leaving the viewers floating. The scene wherein she was tied up and brought to the parking lot confused me a bit because there was no explanation or whatsoever. The scene which a gander at the beast is more than essentially a discipline for looking, or a narcissistic interest with the contortion of her own picture in the mirror that patriarchy holds up to her; it is likewise an acknowledgment of their comparable status as strong dangers to a helpless male power. It Follows reminds me of the shadow horror we experience everyday – subtle challenges and obstacles that we run away from. The scene wherein the beach and the “monsters” trapped them started appearing started showing the “horror” the movie did not show in the beginning.

The film reminded me of issues occurring in my generation today, premarital sex and such. Overall, this movie appeals to me because it could happen in real life. The “curse” could be HIV/AIDS that is very prevalent in the country. I like the movie because it has a touch of reality. It is not as predictable as the other films I have watched. The “curse” passes on not like other movies that are breaks from a virus and whatsoever. Although Paul did not die right away and was in denial of the curse, I knew something bad was going to happen. It was the director’s way of holding the anticipation of the viewers.

“When somebody gives you a thought, it turns into a piece of you. It follows.”


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