I’ve been an enthusiast of the film line up for this COM class and May did not baffle. I was anticipating that it should be gorier on account of the movie poster yet I truly preferred entire storyline. It helped me to remember the book I read and the film I viewed, Coraline. Additionally the films I watched like Perfume and Frankenstein.

May an ungainly young lady in her late twenties land caught in a position she is not as so passionate about. She discovers herself being mistaken for what she feels for Paul the person she is pulverizing on and having blended contemplations about her sexuality with Polly her co-worker. At first, I thought May did not have any chance with Paul since she gave off an impression of being such a stalker and he found her holding his hand. It gave me a lighter vibe when they began dating and gradually unfurling their normal oddness together. Something was going on for May and she was really demonstrating more emotions contrasted with the start of the film. When she began getting more unusual Paul says a final farewell to her and this set off her character. I figure as it were she understood she couldn’t have what she loves until the end. Her instability became much more. She resorts conversing with her doll Suzie whom she supposes is her best friend. The way May converses with Suzie is as though she was alive. May appeared as though she esteemed the “conclusions” of Suzie a great deal – as though the doll was in charge. The monster was forming in May through the control of Suzie.

The scenes revolved around May finding her and getting caught with the thought of losing herself. I like how the film takes you to May’s world, the way she slowly interacted with the characters, and the way she showed her feelings towards situations made the viewers curious of what was going inside her head.

Towards the middle of the film May demonstrates the forceful side of her, which developed and developed towards the end. I figure May is the sort to not acknowledge things when they are not going her direction. She believed was what going ahead with her and Polly is her shot on something however it didn’t end so well. I likewise saw her fixation in certain body parts of the general population she connected with that additional the “odd element” in her character. May is exceptionally attentive despite the fact that she is conceived with a sluggish eye – she gets a kick out of the chance to look or even gaze. This side of her for me demonstrates that gazing goes past simply looking. It is possible that she needed her body to appear to be identical or the body part to appear to be identical. Maybe weakness? Interest?

As the film unfolds, May’s fetish grew. I also noticed how the director adjusted the framing of the movie. It was more on eye-level and was more focused on the features of the characters and the background is secondary. The colors remained dimmed but the soundtrack remained – gave a hipster and country vibe.

Overall, I would recommend this movie. It is far from the films I watched. It is weird yet intriguing, slow yet startling. I like how all characters are highlighted from the lead to the supporting actors. Everyone played a roll that affected the viewers’ view of the main character. I like how the movie unfolded slowly to further highlight how the main character, May is. The overall theme matched the storyline. Not a MAY(be) but a must watch!


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