Spring Season

If Spring were a dessert, it would be a cake for Halloween. It would be describing something that usually induces fear, but in a way that makes it beautiful. Spring is a romance movie if anything else, but laced with some elements that could make it look like a horror. It is actually the horror part of the movie, which emphasizes the romance in it, which is unusually brilliant.

The movie follows Evan, a young man whose actions lead to an escape to a fisherman’s village in Italy to start fresh. At the beginning, he had the time of his life with a few guys, drinking and having fun. After a while, he notices a beautiful woman who seems to show interest in him too. Evan is skeptical at first, wondering if she is just a prostitute or a thief. He regrets his doubts immediately as she says she doesn’t want to go on a date with him. However, the two meet again and hit it off from there. This is the beginning of their literally out of this world relationship.

One thing that I like so much about the movie is how the actors played their parts so well. The chemistry they have is undeniable, and you could really pass their dialogue off as natural and authentic. The acting draws the audience in and the dialogue makes everyone want to listen. The way they talk to each other could really be the way that two people in their situations would talk. This gives the movie a certain charm.

Another thing about the movie that I appreciate is the cinematography. The shots of the small Italian village were so easy on the eyes and made me want to travel. The different techniques that were used to shoot the film really helped establish the setting, which helped emphasize the romance between the main characters. One of these techniques was the long-take, which would often showcase the dialogue between Evan and Louise. The lightning was also used very well because it made everything seem like it was real and happening at the right time.

The thing I liked most about Spring, however, is the fact that the horror aspect to the film is a testament to what love and romance are really all about. Louise starts off as a girl who is reserved and has a lot to hide, given that she really is a monster. The movie shows that as a monster, she kills people, eats rabbits, and transforms into something unimaginable, all so that she could be immortal. Evan, however, discovers that she went out with him in the first place just to keep this costly immortality. In the process, however, they grow fond of each other. So much so to the point that Evan doesn’t care what Louise is. He sees past the literal monster that she really is because he truly wants to be with her. Louise, in turn, gives up her immortality so that she stops turning into the monster. This kind of love is something that not a lot of romance movies can display. However, the movie made it the truest and most beautiful kind.

There were some things to the movie, however, that I think could have been improved. First of all, I think that it took a while for the movie to get to the part with the most substance. A lot of the initial parts that seemed relevant turned out not to play a big role in the movie. Sure, you could say that the setting and story were being established, but it took quite a while for me to really want to pay attention. Also, the use of some CGI effects seemed out of place. Since the movie wasn’t so heavy on special effects anyway, some simpler but more effective techniques could have been used instead.

These are only some minor things that don’t affect the overall impact the movie had on me. I highly recommend it for those who are fans of romance movies, because Spring gives you what you like, with just some tentacles on the side.


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