Evil Dead: A Blockbuster Ballbuster


This film was the most enjoyable to watch with the entire class because of all the jump scares and the chase between the monster and the final girl.

Putting it side by side with Cabin in the Woods, it’s essentially the same movie only Cabin was sort of a parody on Evil Dead. I really enjoyed both films because although they both have the cliche plots, it’s still the kind of film that would be entertaining no matter how predictable the story may be. Honestly, these are the kinds of films to watch on a cozy night in with your barkada if you are looking to find some excitement while staying indoors.

Of course, everyone would agree that the guy with the glasses was at fault for even trying to pry open that demonic “bible” of sorts but I think the only wrong move he had done was to actually say it out loud. I don’t think a sound-minded guy would want to recite those things, and instead would be researching about them online before doing anything with them. Probably an archeologist would not be bashed for uncovering a dangerous book but the mere action of saying the words out loud just puts the poor guy in a compromising place. Throughout the movie, Mia was the annoying focus of the whole film, one would think that her brother would be the “final girl” since it would be an emotional tug at the audience if the sister herself would kill the brother and the brother would be powerless if tasked to kill his own sister. I have not seen the original film but assuming that it followed the same plot, I enjoyed the twist at the end wherein there was a sudden switch of power with regards to the characters. I liked how Mia, although very annoying as a lead, was able to take charge and I specifically liked her lines in the last few scenes. The part where she has to dislodge her own arm had me digging my nails into my palms but at the same time I felt so ecstatic as I was rooting for her in the end.

Although the film was just another one of those blockbuster horror movies, I think still think that it was pulled off quite well. I’m not too familiar with its reviews online because I didn’t really feel the need to check what the critics had to say because that’s just how much I loved the film. Cliche backstory, setting, plot, and characters but the execution and stylistics are just beyond I have ever hoped for.

I was never into slasher films before but Evil Dead may just be the exception I needed. Kirby mentioned the same idea I had thought of  when she said that the psychopathic killer usually comes from a dysfunctional family, shown with how Mia is an addict who seems desperate with her going clean and yet failing in each attempt she makes. There is also the mention of how her deranged mother had passed without the presence of her brother, making a problematic relationship with her kin all the more a motivation for the demon in her to annihilate her brother with her own hands.


Although I am not a huge fan of gore, I think this was portrayed well in the film. Instead of leaving me disgusted and cringing like in the films Dead Girl and May, Evil Dead’s depiction of body dismemberment was artful. It was like the Mad Max of slasher films for me, with the rock music playing in the background and everything.

Side note: I find it kinda funny that the actress in the film reminded me so much of Emma Stone with her expressive eyes and similar features. True enough, her namesake in the film was found in this year’s La La Land lead.


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