Pontypool: Interestingly Unique


Sir mentioned in class that Com majors will either love the movie or hate it. I loved it.

Although there were parts of the film that I felt were unnecessary, I really liked how different and creative it was a horror film. I didn’t quite get why they made use of zombies in the films but I think it would have had a creepier and exciting vibe if the words were transmitting cannibalism instead of Zombies. I find the zombies in the film deader than they already are so I think I little more aggression on their part would have made this film a lot popular. I really liked Grant Mazzy’s character because he was such a breath of fresh air compared to the usual damsel-in-distress or psychotic lead that I would usually find in horror films. He was funny, smart, and strategic. He was the one who cracked the code, along with his supposed love interest in the film.

I like the whole concept of semiotics being used as the  “monster” in the film, mainly because you know that a lot of thought has been put into the curation of the concept. I’m not entirely sure if the film was based from a novel, but it would probably be an interesting read if this is so. What I find disappointing is that although the concept it original, the film’s plot could have been executed better. There were a lot of characters that I would did not appeal to me, like the performers they invited to the show. I’m not too sure if this was for comical relief or not? But I don’t think it was very helpful for the story. The doctor could have been of better use to the plot as well but he was just an annoyance in the film in my opinion. I don’t think his purpose should have stopped at telling them the source of the contagion in the film. I really appreciate the part where they were trying to locate which words are infected and which are not because although it is a very abstract concept, it still provided the same feeling of suspense. Neither the audience nor the character knew which words were indeed afflicted, making the viewers feel nervous for the characters in the film. I find particularly annoying the character of Sydney. I don’t think anyone in the state of panic and fear of her own life would willingly get drunk for the sake of “running away” from the issue. She put her life and Mazzy’s at risk and it just had no reason behind it whatsoever, coming from a film with a concept that seems to be well-calculated. I think that the story itself could have been enriched if there was more depth in characters aside from Mazzy.

While I was searching for Pontypool online, I was a bit taken by surprise by how Pontypool was an actual town and not just some made up place for the film. The very name of the town sounds like wordplay.

I think that the film was successful in making the concept something the audience would be interested in but not too successful in marking it as horror. The zombies in the movie seemed distant to its viewers because they did not seem to pose a real threat to the characters, or at least with how they were portrayed. I do not like how the doctor conveniently was able to enter the radio station in his efforts to escape the zombies. There was no challenge to seek the radio jocks in order to make a public announcement regarding this epidemic. Laurel-ann’s character was very engaging and I think that gave me a lot of expectations to the kind of zombies we would be faced with once the doors of the station have collapsed.

But ultimately, I think Pontypool is a good break from the usual horror flicks I end up watching and I only hope that I am able to stumble upon similar creations in the future that are maybe developed further.


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