Deeply Rooted

The first time I encountered this movie was when I watched Scary Movie 5. I believed it was spoofed in that movie; one of the scenes in the cabin when everyone was getting possessed and the book was being read. On a serious note the movie revolved around friends who went on a trip in a remote cabin to help Mia get rid of her drug addiction. One of her friends, Eric finds a book of the Dead and reads it a loud, slowly saying what he was shading. The film started zooming in and out of the forest to a girl standing by the trees in a dress. Without him knowing that he was awakening a demon.


Mia’s character for me seemed to be troubled from the beginning and it was no surprise to me that she got possessed first. The scene wherein she forcefully left the house with car and saw the girl for me was the beginning the end. She saw the girl again and she ended up getting strangled by the roots of a tree facing the girl. The girl released some black substance that entered Anna.


The movie was deeply rooted in the friendship however their personalities clash. All of them had the same goal in the beginning and that is to help Anna. In the end all of them got possessed and one by one got killed in the brutal way. Although the biggest plot twist was her friend revived Anna after getting electrocuted. I think this part made me question how she was able to live after her body getting all possessed.


I honestly would recommend this movie to people looking for gore fest type of film and bloody to watch, someone who is interested deeply in exorcism and alike. I personally did not like the movie. It scared me a lot and I did not really understand the overall theme of the film besides everyone getting possessed. The theme is very shallow to me but I like how the movie was able to maximize its cinematography and setting. A suggestion would be to add variety to the frame since its only shot in almost two places.

I have seen several horror films about exorcism but this is certainty not the best for me well mainly because I did not comprehend the whole story. Maybe I can watch it again or watch the 1981 version.


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