Follows two ghost enthusiasts (Claire and Luke) trying to unlock the haunted history of Yankee Pedlar Inn. Yankee Pedlar Inn, once a grand hotel but now only has two employees. Both young adults take turn in shifts and handling customers. Every night Claire channels her inner ghost hunter and uses apparatus to track down ghosts. She is very much curious of the legend of Madeline O’Malley, a bride who hung herself on her wedding day. Luke who backs up and continues the story to Claire leaving her more curious about it.


The film has a very slow storyline but the characters showed their clear motives; they really want to unlock “hunted legend” and feel the ghosts firsthand. I like how Claire acted in the film, curiously aggressive of finding out what she wanted to find out. She did come off as a strong character (soft spoken and a bit shy) but her actions spoke for her. Considering that she’s employed with just one more person in the hotel she insisted to go around the hotel discovering the corners to satisfy what she wanted to uncover. It became a routine for her; the nightly crawls in the hallway and nights spent in common rooms like the ballroom, basement and washing area. These are the times wherein her character really showed persistence, she really would not stop.



One afternoon, Claire recognizes a former actress and assists her to check in. She becomes close to Leanne because she admitted to Claire that she is familiar with the medium (connecting with the unknown). Claire later discovers the voices and music in some areas of the hotel and saw the piano playing on its own. Paranormal activities started to occur and clearly Claire was stuck in between getting scared and excited. She tried to tell Luke but he did not want to believe her until he felt it on his own. I like how the movie has a certain feel to it; simple scenes that made the viewers feel more scared I suppose. This part got more exciting on the other note because Leanne started helping Claire. It gave me a sense of optimism that Claire is bound to discover something with her help. Although Claire’s character did not show aggressiveness in the beginning she seemed pretty calm until they both felt something. This part of the film got more exciting because initially I assumed that they would not discover anything. Leanne used her necklace to call on the spirits but the spirits answered back by breaking the glass of her necklace. This part frightened me because it only means that the spirit is very strong. This scene made me contemplate on what their next move will be.


Overall, I liked the movie. The shallowness of the scenes and how the ghosts appeared made it noticeable that it is not a recent horror film. The simplicity of the unforeseen and astonishing scenes, for me, made it scarier. I appreciate the simplicity of the cinematography, some scenes are shot up close and some are shot to show the whole set – for example when the piano moved on its own. I personally would recommend it to someone who is looking for a casual horror movie, not gory at all, not much blood, just a classic film of flashing of scary scenes. I also like how it is very realistic, the technology Claire used could be bought and people really use it to track ghosts. Claire’s character appealed to me even more because I was once curious too and I was once on the verge of doing the same thing in our old house. It reminded back in high school and grade school when “blood Mary” was a thing and people really swore that they saw her staring back at them in some bathrooms in school. Old story but I bet people are still curious until now, I mean I still am. Even though the storyline is a bit shallow, I would watch it again.


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