Who’s that girl?

The film Dead Girl is a surprise to me. The film opens with a bunch of male teenagers looking for some “fun” and adventure. Upon their curiosity they ended up in an old barren hillside and to a shocking surprise got welcomed by a girl whom they thought was dead. Wrapped in plastic and appeared to be that she got brutally abused suddenly moves. My initial reaction was that she got imprisoned there, conceivably got raped and, beat up. I felt bad for her because 1) the teenage boys did not bother to help her upon seeing that she was breathing and 2) they mocked her and showed no respect at all. At that point, I knew that they had bad ideas triggered by their teenage sexual attractions. JT knew that he could take advantage of her easily and so he did.

I found it sick and twisted that his imaginations took him as far as calling his friends to sexually arouse the girl. I understood the amount of freedom and excitement he felt when he found that the girl is helpless. All his sexual fantasies and imaginations   could finally come true. This part of the movie made me think about how JT exerted his “male ego” despite the terrible situation because he knows that he can. They brutally abused her, played with her private parts, and treated her with no deference.

I felt the gore in the movie because of the verbal and physical abuse the received from the characters. Overall, I love the film. A majority of people would probably hate on it because they do not see the “horror” in it because if all the porn-like scenes but, that added horror factor for me. It has a very dark approach because of the setting and how the characters acted (with no mercy). I’m a fan of zombie movies and I think I probably watched more 30 films about zombies and read books about it as well and this movie made me think of how likely humans will treat zombies if they had a chance or at least if they will not get bitten. The zombie in the movie is Dead Girl but at some point I felt bad for her, which is unlikely to happen because we all hate zombies. As the movie unfolds it became a routine for JT to have sex with her and he is not ashamed to bring his friends over. I could tell that his character has psychotic problems because he is using someone as his sex toy – with no check up or whatsoever he rides her all day.

The film is very unique to me. I have never watched a film with a similar storyline like for example, The Diary of the Dead, Dawn of the Dead, Shaun of the dead, and a lot more. I like how the characters (JT and Wheeler) appeared to be more monstrous than the actual monster. The cinematography was brilliant and the dark and light scenes are highly emphasized like for example the scenes in school and the scenes with Dead Girl. The story is a bit weird in the beginning but I learned to appreciate where it was going or how out of the ordinary it is. There was no scientific method shown in the film on how Dead Girl was created but it showed how impossible beings are made possible. It left the audience wondering what Dead Girl really, is she really a zombie? I was expecting an explanation but I already assumed that she could be a zombie or my strong bet is that she was used as an experiment. Largely, I would recommend this film to anyone looking for something twisted, bizarre, and unpredictable. The film got me excited and grossed out at the same time. Some scenes are even slightly hilarious and that made the movie all the more open. Even the ending added excitement because Dead Girl did not attack spared a life making it even more complicated as is because she can think and she decided not to kill him.


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