This is the course blog for Ateneo de Manila University students enrolled in COM115.9 (Film Seminar: The Horror Film) for SY 2016-2017. This course takes a thematic (rather than, say, historical) approach to 21st-century horror cinema using concepts taken from various theoretical and critical writings in horror film scholarship. Each student is required to write a blog entry for each one of the following films, which will be screened and discussed in class. This filmography is intended to be more indicative rather than exhaustive of the genre today:

  1. 24 January 2017: Triangle (Christopher Smith, 2009)
  2. 31 January 2017: The Autopsy of Jane Doe (André Øvredal, 2016)
  3. 07 February 2017: The Innkeepers (Ti West, 2011)
  4. 14 February 2017: Deadgirl (Marcel Sarmiento and Gadi Harel, 2008)
  5. 28 February 2017: It Follows (David Robert Mitchell, 2014)
  6. 07 March 2017: Grace (Paul Solet, 2009)
  7. 14 March 2017: Evil Dead (Fede Alvarez, 2013)
  8. 21 March 2017: May (Lucky McKee, 2002)
  9. 28 March 2017: Pontypool (Bruce McDonald, 2009)
  10. 04 April 2017: Spring (Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead, 2014)
  11. 18 April 2017: Martyrs (Pascal Laugier, 2008)

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