Life before life


I would say this underrated French film is a film I have never heard of. Anna and Lucie are two good friends. The story follows 15 years later when Lucie tells Anna not to go to this certain house where Anna’s whole family gets slathered leaving Anna alone and going around the house in shock and in a state of trauma. Soon enough Anna discovers a hole leading to a room down the staircase.


I found it creepy that there was an underground laboratory with plastered photos of heavily tortured people. One was obviously burnt to death and one was heavily stabbed. Made it disturbing that these kinds of photo are posted. The room looked very equipped and up to date; obviously it was built for something advanced. The interior is steel and the house seemed pretty modern. This gave me a hint that it is maintained and even though there were no people when Anna was exploring it people work there.


Anna discovers a woman, heavily beaten, I could say “almost dead”, slashes and scratches all over her body, and has a metal helmet attached to the very flesh of her skull. For me, my initial thought would be to run away from the girl but Anna’s strong character approached her and held her hand. The victim appeared to be scared and traumatized but at the same time was just longing for someone’s touch. I found this scene very dwindling. The victim looked extremely beaten and I really felt bad for her. In this part of the movie, I thought everything was will turn out fine. Anna was slowly helping the victim and the victim was slowly accepting her help. It was painful to watch Anna take out the helmet with attached with nails and when she asked put her in a bathtub. I thought it was already going well until the victim runs around the house like a crazy person trying to kill herself and ended up getting shot by armed and suited men. Immediately they took Anna downstairs and tied her up to meet their perhaps “boss”. I honestly did not expect an old lady to appear. This scene made me question her role in the movie and her capabilities. Anna was brought to a room and was tied down to a chair.


The stages of torture began, getting beaten up; eating the same food (with no time to chew or whatsoever), shaving of her hair, and it goes on. Initially, I thought she would not survive up until the last stage when she got skinned alive. The movie in general disturbed me because of the physical abuse but, to skin her alive? I really thought she was going to die. Also gave me an idea that it was some sort of miracle already. She was able to speak and to a shock that nobody could believe. The people called up the old lady and a gathering in her house was denounced. It fascinated me that they are almost the same type of people, same age group, same taste (vintage Benz), and their fascination of the outcome. Mademoiselle announces that Anna survived Martyrdom and was able to describe “the world beyond life”.


I did not expect anything from this movie. I thought it was going to be a chill horror film but to my surprise it was very gory. The amount of blood, chains, whipping, and torture the girl experienced made me cringe every time. It appeared as if the girl had to endure all stages of pain and torture to satisfy an old lady’s search. Anna did and it was a very big astonishment to Mademoiselle and she ended up killing herself. I think she killed herself cause she final found a “witness” (meaning of martyr) of what she wanted to find out which is — “the world beyond life”.



Who’s that girl?


The film Dead Girl is a surprise to me. The film opens with a bunch of male teenagers looking for some “fun” and adventure. Upon their curiosity they ended up in an old barren hillside and to a shocking surprise got welcomed by a girl whom they thought was dead. Wrapped in plastic and appeared to be that she got brutally abused suddenly moves. My initial reaction was that she got imprisoned there, conceivably got raped and, beat up. I felt bad for her because 1) the teenage boys did not bother to help her upon seeing that she was breathing and 2) they mocked her and showed no respect at all. At that point, I knew that they had bad ideas triggered by their teenage sexual attractions. JT knew that he could take advantage of her easily and so he did.

I found it sick and twisted that his imaginations took him as far as calling his friends to sexually arouse the girl. I understood the amount of freedom and excitement he felt when he found that the girl is helpless. All his sexual fantasies and imaginations   could finally come true. This part of the movie made me think about how JT exerted his “male ego” despite the terrible situation because he knows that he can. They brutally abused her, played with her private parts, and treated her with no deference.

I felt the gore in the movie because of the verbal and physical abuse the received from the characters. Overall, I love the film. A majority of people would probably hate on it because they do not see the “horror” in it because if all the porn-like scenes but, that added horror factor for me. It has a very dark approach because of the setting and how the characters acted (with no mercy). I’m a fan of zombie movies and I think I probably watched more 30 films about zombies and read books about it as well and this movie made me think of how likely humans will treat zombies if they had a chance or at least if they will not get bitten. The zombie in the movie is Dead Girl but at some point I felt bad for her, which is unlikely to happen because we all hate zombies. As the movie unfolds it became a routine for JT to have sex with her and he is not ashamed to bring his friends over. I could tell that his character has psychotic problems because he is using someone as his sex toy – with no check up or whatsoever he rides her all day.

The film is very unique to me. I have never watched a film with a similar storyline like for example, The Diary of the Dead, Dawn of the Dead, Shaun of the dead, and a lot more. I like how the characters (JT and Wheeler) appeared to be more monstrous than the actual monster. The cinematography was brilliant and the dark and light scenes are highly emphasized like for example the scenes in school and the scenes with Dead Girl. The story is a bit weird in the beginning but I learned to appreciate where it was going or how out of the ordinary it is. There was no scientific method shown in the film on how Dead Girl was created but it showed how impossible beings are made possible. It left the audience wondering what Dead Girl really, is she really a zombie? I was expecting an explanation but I already assumed that she could be a zombie or my strong bet is that she was used as an experiment. Largely, I would recommend this film to anyone looking for something twisted, bizarre, and unpredictable. The film got me excited and grossed out at the same time. Some scenes are even slightly hilarious and that made the movie all the more open. Even the ending added excitement because Dead Girl did not attack spared a life making it even more complicated as is because she can think and she decided not to kill him.

Deeply Rooted


The first time I encountered this movie was when I watched Scary Movie 5. I believed it was spoofed in that movie; one of the scenes in the cabin when everyone was getting possessed and the book was being read. On a serious note the movie revolved around friends who went on a trip in a remote cabin to help Mia get rid of her drug addiction. One of her friends, Eric finds a book of the Dead and reads it a loud, slowly saying what he was shading. The film started zooming in and out of the forest to a girl standing by the trees in a dress. Without him knowing that he was awakening a demon.


Mia’s character for me seemed to be troubled from the beginning and it was no surprise to me that she got possessed first. The scene wherein she forcefully left the house with car and saw the girl for me was the beginning the end. She saw the girl again and she ended up getting strangled by the roots of a tree facing the girl. The girl released some black substance that entered Anna.


The movie was deeply rooted in the friendship however their personalities clash. All of them had the same goal in the beginning and that is to help Anna. In the end all of them got possessed and one by one got killed in the brutal way. Although the biggest plot twist was her friend revived Anna after getting electrocuted. I think this part made me question how she was able to live after her body getting all possessed.


I honestly would recommend this movie to people looking for gore fest type of film and bloody to watch, someone who is interested deeply in exorcism and alike. I personally did not like the movie. It scared me a lot and I did not really understand the overall theme of the film besides everyone getting possessed. The theme is very shallow to me but I like how the movie was able to maximize its cinematography and setting. A suggestion would be to add variety to the frame since its only shot in almost two places.

I have seen several horror films about exorcism but this is certainty not the best for me well mainly because I did not comprehend the whole story. Maybe I can watch it again or watch the 1981 version.



Follows two ghost enthusiasts (Claire and Luke) trying to unlock the haunted history of Yankee Pedlar Inn. Yankee Pedlar Inn, once a grand hotel but now only has two employees. Both young adults take turn in shifts and handling customers. Every night Claire channels her inner ghost hunter and uses apparatus to track down ghosts. She is very much curious of the legend of Madeline O’Malley, a bride who hung herself on her wedding day. Luke who backs up and continues the story to Claire leaving her more curious about it.


The film has a very slow storyline but the characters showed their clear motives; they really want to unlock “hunted legend” and feel the ghosts firsthand. I like how Claire acted in the film, curiously aggressive of finding out what she wanted to find out. She did come off as a strong character (soft spoken and a bit shy) but her actions spoke for her. Considering that she’s employed with just one more person in the hotel she insisted to go around the hotel discovering the corners to satisfy what she wanted to uncover. It became a routine for her; the nightly crawls in the hallway and nights spent in common rooms like the ballroom, basement and washing area. These are the times wherein her character really showed persistence, she really would not stop.



One afternoon, Claire recognizes a former actress and assists her to check in. She becomes close to Leanne because she admitted to Claire that she is familiar with the medium (connecting with the unknown). Claire later discovers the voices and music in some areas of the hotel and saw the piano playing on its own. Paranormal activities started to occur and clearly Claire was stuck in between getting scared and excited. She tried to tell Luke but he did not want to believe her until he felt it on his own. I like how the movie has a certain feel to it; simple scenes that made the viewers feel more scared I suppose. This part got more exciting on the other note because Leanne started helping Claire. It gave me a sense of optimism that Claire is bound to discover something with her help. Although Claire’s character did not show aggressiveness in the beginning she seemed pretty calm until they both felt something. This part of the film got more exciting because initially I assumed that they would not discover anything. Leanne used her necklace to call on the spirits but the spirits answered back by breaking the glass of her necklace. This part frightened me because it only means that the spirit is very strong. This scene made me contemplate on what their next move will be.


Overall, I liked the movie. The shallowness of the scenes and how the ghosts appeared made it noticeable that it is not a recent horror film. The simplicity of the unforeseen and astonishing scenes, for me, made it scarier. I appreciate the simplicity of the cinematography, some scenes are shot up close and some are shot to show the whole set – for example when the piano moved on its own. I personally would recommend it to someone who is looking for a casual horror movie, not gory at all, not much blood, just a classic film of flashing of scary scenes. I also like how it is very realistic, the technology Claire used could be bought and people really use it to track ghosts. Claire’s character appealed to me even more because I was once curious too and I was once on the verge of doing the same thing in our old house. It reminded back in high school and grade school when “blood Mary” was a thing and people really swore that they saw her staring back at them in some bathrooms in school. Old story but I bet people are still curious until now, I mean I still am. Even though the storyline is a bit shallow, I would watch it again.

Spring Season


If Spring were a dessert, it would be a cake for Halloween. It would be describing something that usually induces fear, but in a way that makes it beautiful. Spring is a romance movie if anything else, but laced with some elements that could make it look like a horror. It is actually the horror part of the movie, which emphasizes the romance in it, which is unusually brilliant.

The movie follows Evan, a young man whose actions lead to an escape to a fisherman’s village in Italy to start fresh. At the beginning, he had the time of his life with a few guys, drinking and having fun. After a while, he notices a beautiful woman who seems to show interest in him too. Evan is skeptical at first, wondering if she is just a prostitute or a thief. He regrets his doubts immediately as she says she doesn’t want to go on a date with him. However, the two meet again and hit it off from there. This is the beginning of their literally out of this world relationship.

One thing that I like so much about the movie is how the actors played their parts so well. The chemistry they have is undeniable, and you could really pass their dialogue off as natural and authentic. The acting draws the audience in and the dialogue makes everyone want to listen. The way they talk to each other could really be the way that two people in their situations would talk. This gives the movie a certain charm.

Another thing about the movie that I appreciate is the cinematography. The shots of the small Italian village were so easy on the eyes and made me want to travel. The different techniques that were used to shoot the film really helped establish the setting, which helped emphasize the romance between the main characters. One of these techniques was the long-take, which would often showcase the dialogue between Evan and Louise. The lightning was also used very well because it made everything seem like it was real and happening at the right time.

The thing I liked most about Spring, however, is the fact that the horror aspect to the film is a testament to what love and romance are really all about. Louise starts off as a girl who is reserved and has a lot to hide, given that she really is a monster. The movie shows that as a monster, she kills people, eats rabbits, and transforms into something unimaginable, all so that she could be immortal. Evan, however, discovers that she went out with him in the first place just to keep this costly immortality. In the process, however, they grow fond of each other. So much so to the point that Evan doesn’t care what Louise is. He sees past the literal monster that she really is because he truly wants to be with her. Louise, in turn, gives up her immortality so that she stops turning into the monster. This kind of love is something that not a lot of romance movies can display. However, the movie made it the truest and most beautiful kind.

There were some things to the movie, however, that I think could have been improved. First of all, I think that it took a while for the movie to get to the part with the most substance. A lot of the initial parts that seemed relevant turned out not to play a big role in the movie. Sure, you could say that the setting and story were being established, but it took quite a while for me to really want to pay attention. Also, the use of some CGI effects seemed out of place. Since the movie wasn’t so heavy on special effects anyway, some simpler but more effective techniques could have been used instead.

These are only some minor things that don’t affect the overall impact the movie had on me. I highly recommend it for those who are fans of romance movies, because Spring gives you what you like, with just some tentacles on the side.



I’ve been an enthusiast of the film line up for this COM class and May did not baffle. I was anticipating that it should be gorier on account of the movie poster yet I truly preferred entire storyline. It helped me to remember the book I read and the film I viewed, Coraline. Additionally the films I watched like Perfume and Frankenstein.

May an ungainly young lady in her late twenties land caught in a position she is not as so passionate about. She discovers herself being mistaken for what she feels for Paul the person she is pulverizing on and having blended contemplations about her sexuality with Polly her co-worker. At first, I thought May did not have any chance with Paul since she gave off an impression of being such a stalker and he found her holding his hand. It gave me a lighter vibe when they began dating and gradually unfurling their normal oddness together. Something was going on for May and she was really demonstrating more emotions contrasted with the start of the film. When she began getting more unusual Paul says a final farewell to her and this set off her character. I figure as it were she understood she couldn’t have what she loves until the end. Her instability became much more. She resorts conversing with her doll Suzie whom she supposes is her best friend. The way May converses with Suzie is as though she was alive. May appeared as though she esteemed the “conclusions” of Suzie a great deal – as though the doll was in charge. The monster was forming in May through the control of Suzie.

The scenes revolved around May finding her and getting caught with the thought of losing herself. I like how the film takes you to May’s world, the way she slowly interacted with the characters, and the way she showed her feelings towards situations made the viewers curious of what was going inside her head.

Towards the middle of the film May demonstrates the forceful side of her, which developed and developed towards the end. I figure May is the sort to not acknowledge things when they are not going her direction. She believed was what going ahead with her and Polly is her shot on something however it didn’t end so well. I likewise saw her fixation in certain body parts of the general population she connected with that additional the “odd element” in her character. May is exceptionally attentive despite the fact that she is conceived with a sluggish eye – she gets a kick out of the chance to look or even gaze. This side of her for me demonstrates that gazing goes past simply looking. It is possible that she needed her body to appear to be identical or the body part to appear to be identical. Maybe weakness? Interest?

As the film unfolds, May’s fetish grew. I also noticed how the director adjusted the framing of the movie. It was more on eye-level and was more focused on the features of the characters and the background is secondary. The colors remained dimmed but the soundtrack remained – gave a hipster and country vibe.

Overall, I would recommend this movie. It is far from the films I watched. It is weird yet intriguing, slow yet startling. I like how all characters are highlighted from the lead to the supporting actors. Everyone played a roll that affected the viewers’ view of the main character. I like how the movie unfolded slowly to further highlight how the main character, May is. The overall theme matched the storyline. Not a MAY(be) but a must watch!

Follow the hallows


I think about all films we watched this must be the most sudden one. An underrated motion picture, I should say. The film started with a moderate approach making the viewers consider profoundly what the story line will be. The hues reminded me of some Wes Anderson films actually leaving me wondering what kind of “horror” the film is trying to show or will show. The colors gave the film a general quiet vibe and it didn’t specifically give a vibe of it being a horror or a thriller film.

The film It Follows (2014) is a fascinating interpretation of the blood and guts movie sort and its thought on advanced woman’s rights. All through the start of the film, everybody around her constantly underscored Jay’s magnificence and I think this set up the whole feel of the movie when it really revolved around her character.

The “horror” is through a sexual intercourse that could be passed on. The actress Jay showed tranquility throughout the movie as if she was not affected by anything that has happened to her. After realizing that she was in a depraved situation she still tied to continue to live her life. This gave me a hint that she was okay if the curse ended with her, if she died in the end. Her character did not show feelings leaving the viewers floating. The scene wherein she was tied up and brought to the parking lot confused me a bit because there was no explanation or whatsoever. The scene which a gander at the beast is more than essentially a discipline for looking, or a narcissistic interest with the contortion of her own picture in the mirror that patriarchy holds up to her; it is likewise an acknowledgment of their comparable status as strong dangers to a helpless male power. It Follows reminds me of the shadow horror we experience everyday – subtle challenges and obstacles that we run away from. The scene wherein the beach and the “monsters” trapped them started appearing started showing the “horror” the movie did not show in the beginning.

The film reminded me of issues occurring in my generation today, premarital sex and such. Overall, this movie appeals to me because it could happen in real life. The “curse” could be HIV/AIDS that is very prevalent in the country. I like the movie because it has a touch of reality. It is not as predictable as the other films I have watched. The “curse” passes on not like other movies that are breaks from a virus and whatsoever. Although Paul did not die right away and was in denial of the curse, I knew something bad was going to happen. It was the director’s way of holding the anticipation of the viewers.

“When somebody gives you a thought, it turns into a piece of you. It follows.”